“Capturing an image that the naked eye cannot see. Its all about chasing that vision and telling that story with passion and compelling photography.”
To capture, To seize, To hold that moment...but for a lifetime.
This is what Carpe Diem Studios truly aspires to do every day.
Raised in Vancouver BC, held my first camera at the age of 17,
my passion for photography has motivated me to become better everyday.
With a background in Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop
along with many years of experience,I have been able to capture special moments of many lives.
As you may have noticed, my main focus is Weddings.
I love being there in the middle of the Bride and Groom's special day,
capturing everything from start to finish.
I am no stranger to Portrait Photography either.
I believe that a portrait photo is very important in
that it can capture a persons character, thoughts and feelings.
Why do I do it? Because the best part of my job is to interact with you and be part of your special day.
So whether its your wedding day, your birthday,a corporate event or
even just a simple portrait of yourself.
Don't miss out! - Contact me and allow Carpe Diem Studios
"seize your day".