Today's Business Tip comes from a well known entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist Marie Forleo. They asked her about her thoughts on "motivation" -
she said screw motivation, get it done yourself!
LOVE this! Getting it done, weather its losing weight, achieving new personal/work goals, getting rich, running a 10k, or evening writing a book.
Most of us, including myself, just wait to get motivated, stand by, and hope that everything just "falls into place".
THEN and only THEN we find the courage to get up and get it done.
But I started to think.... why? Why do we wait? Why do we look to others or the right situation to make life incredible.

HOW do we " make it happen" you ask? Well here are some steps I take.

  • Remind yourself everyday that YES you can do it
  • Write your goals down everyday, yes.....everyday.
  • Surround yourself with others that have the same mindset.
  • Remove yourself from bad situations.
  • Take each day to reflect, plan, and execute.

Today's tip was led by the incredible Marie Forleo and now
followed by thoughts of well, myself! :)

Stop waiting for the right situation, make it happen.
Life does not have a "pause" button so why do you?
Remind yourself everyday that your are amazing, and your life is incredible!
So take today, mark it in your calendars. Because today YOU get to make your life goals happen, because you just GET IT DONE!

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